How Much Hail Damage Is Possible Before You Need To Replace Your Roof?

How Much Hail Damage Is Possible Before You Need to Replace Your Roof?

By Angelina Zhuravleva  •  June 01, 2024  •  5 min
How Much Hail Damage Is Possible Before You Need to Replace Your Roof?

Hailstorms can cause severe damage to roofs, but it can be hard to detect. This article will provide information on how to spot hail damage, determine the extent of the damage, navigate the insurance claims process, and know how much hail damage requires you to replace the roof.

Signs Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Hail damage can be tricky to spot, but inspecting your roof for certain signs is important to determine if repairs or replacements are needed.

Dents and dings

Check your roof for dents, especially on the southern and western sides. Hail often hits these areas the hardest. Severe or widespread damage needs professional help.

Leaks or water damage

Hail damage can cause water stains on ceilings. Get your roof inspected and leaks patched immediately to avoid further damage to your home.

Gutter damage

Check your gutters for hail damage, dents, holes, or sagging. Damaged or blocked gutters can cause flooding, wood rot, and other costly issues. Repair or replace gutters along with any required roof work.

The severity of hail damage ultimately determines whether your roof needs minor repairs, major fixes, or complete replacement. Only a professional roofing contractor can accurately assess the state of your roof after a major hailstorm and help you understand how much hail damage is needed to replace your roof. Their trained eye can spot issues an average homeowner might miss.

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Assessing Hail Damage Severity: How Much Hail Damage to Replace the Roof?

Hail larger than 1 inch in diameter is typically required to damage asphalt shingles, while impacts from stones 2 inches or more can lead to major damage. The severity depends on hail size and factors like shingle age and material. A professional roofer should inspect the roof to determine whether a partial roof replacement or a completely new roof is necessary.

What to Expect During a Roof Inspection


During your roofing inspection, the contractor will actively check various components to assess your roof's health. Here's what you can expect:

Prepare for a Close-Up:

  • The roof inspectors will meticulously examine your shingles, looking for any dents, cracks, or holes that might compromise their integrity.
  • They'll inspect your gutters for blockages, leaks, or signs of damage that could hinder proper water flow.
  • Vents will be checked to ensure they function properly and in good condition.
  • Flashing around roof penetrations and edges will be scrutinized for tears, separations, or rust, which could be potential entry points for water.

Don't Be Surprised by a Trip Upstairs:

  • The contractor will inspect your attic for visible signs of water damage, which could indicate leaks from above.

Capturing the Evidence:

  • Be prepared for the contractor to take pictures and videos of your roof. This documentation helps them create a detailed record of the roof's condition for future reference.

How Much Hail Damage to Repair or Replace the Roof? Making the Decision:

  • Based on the findings from the inspection, the roofer will recommend either repairing your roof or replacing it entirely.
  • Repairs might be sufficient to restore your roof to its former glory if the damage is minor, like just a few dented or missing shingles.
  • However, a full replacement might be the best course of action if your roof has significant dents, tearing, or structural damage.
  • An experienced roofing professional will consider the severity of the damage and the remaining lifespan of your roof to determine the most suitable option for your situation.

Getting multiple professional opinions on your roof's condition is your best strategy. Compare the recommendations and cost estimates to determine the right solution for your needs and budget.

How to Make an Informed Decision When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Navigating Door Knocker Solicitations

After a hailstorm, homeowners often receive visits from door-to-door salespeople offering their services. While some may genuinely want to help, others employ high-pressure tactics. Homeowners should take the time to educate themselves on the process and mentally prepare for the influx of solicitations. It's crucial to choose contractors wisely, based on research, and not succumb to pressure.

Researching Contractors

Before hiring a contractor, homeowners should research them thoroughly. This includes checking online reviews and ratings and investigating any red flags, such as legal issues or negative feedback. Trustworthy contractors should have a proven track record and local presence, with positive reviews from past clients.

Signing Contracts and Pricing

In the insurance restoration industry, it's common for contractors not to provide a final price upfront. Homeowners should trust reputable contractors to handle insurance negotiations and understand that costs may vary based on individual circumstances. It's essential to pay attention to deductibles and avoid signing contracts hastily without understanding the terms.

Guidance for Filing Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Unfortunately, hail damage to your roof typically isn't covered under a standard homeowner's insurance policy. However, many insurance companies offer additional coverage for natural disasters like hailstorms. 

Check Your Current Policy

The first step is to review your current homeowner's insurance policy details to see if you already have coverage for hail damage. Look for mentions of "hail endorsement" or coverage for "named perils" like hail. If hail damage isn't specifically listed, you likely need to add additional coverage to be protected.

Contact your insurance agent or company to inquire about hail insurance and the costs of adding it to your policy. They can explain your options and help determine how much coverage you need based on factors like your roof type, age, and replacement cost.

File a Claim Quickly

Act fast to file an insurance claim. Most policies require you to report damage within a certain number of days to qualify for coverage. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect your roof and evaluate the extent of damage to determine if repairs or full replacement are needed.

PRO Tip: Document everything

While insurance companies portray themselves as allies, their primary goal is often to save money. Many legitimate claims are denied each year, leaving homeowners frustrated. Thus, it's essential to document hail damage thoroughly, including taking photos and videos during and immediately after the event. This evidence can be crucial for insurance claims, especially if adjusters delay assessing the damage.

Roofing Costs After Hail Damage

Hailstorms can damage your roof, and repairs or a complete replacement might be necessary, depending on the severity. For minor to moderate hail damage, homeowners insurance typically covers repairs to restore your roof's functionality and appearance. In cases of severe damage or an aging roof, hail insurance or your standard homeowners' policy (depending on your coverage) can assist with a substantial portion of replacement expenses, which can often exceed $10,000 for an average-sized home. However, reviewing your policy details is important to understand deductible amounts and coverage limitations. 

Having proper insurance coverage for your roof is crucial for financial security in case of hail damage. Review your policy regularly to ensure it adequately reflects your home's value, and consider hail-specific coverage if necessary. Remember, your roof is a vital component of your home, so planning and protection are essential.

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